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The Inner Circle is dentistry's #1 Think Tank.  This program is for dentists who understand that to develop a mindset for success they have to "think" differently.  Inner Circle will provide the path and strategies you will need to build a high performing dental practice.  Our goal is to provide you with a better practice so you have the best life away from it!


Listen to Inner Circle members speak to the impact joining this group has made on their practices:

The Inner Circle provides dentists the opportunity to think, contemplate, and grow as a person and leader.  The Inner Circle is the shot of energy and inspiration that the dental leader needs to truly be their best.

                                                        -Kirk Behrendt

Does this Sound Familiar?

  • "I feel  I'm working really hard, and not getting the returns I should."  

    Does it feel like your extraordinary efforts are providing too little in return?

  • "I don't know what else I can do to motivate my team."

    Do you have the tools to lead your team through conflict, past negativity, and in a direction of organizational health?

  • "I have no time to work ON my practice because of the pressure to work IN my practice."

    Do you seek the time to just think and contemplate strategies for your practice to succeed?

  • "I feel burned out."

    Is running a dental practice harder than you thought it would be?  Is the stress of running your practice diminishing your quality of life? 

Why You Need the Inner Circle

Running a successful dental practice is challenging.  It becomes easier when you have the right people around you to protect your thinking and help you build a practice that works.  To thrive as a dentist, you have to possess the right MINDSET, the right PEOPLE, the right SYSTEMS, and the STRATEGIES to effectively use all of this to create an incredible practice. 


To reach your potential as a dentist leader, you need a clear vision of the steps needed to transform your practice.  You also require the tools to communicate this vision, guide your team through conflict, past negativity, and in a direction of organizational health.  


The pressure to work IN your practice often prevents you from working ON your practice.  This MINDSET.  These STRATEGIES.  They don't develop overnight.  All leaders need time to THINK, CONTEMPLATE, and GROW.  


That is why we created the Inner Circle.  The Inner Circle will be the boost of energy and inspiration that you need to be successful.  It will provide the framework for taking your practice to the next level as well as the leadership skills necessary to fully utilize these systems and tools.  

LWhat Your Membership Includes:

  • Quarterly Workshops

    Your quarterly workshop will be your set aside time on the calendar to work ON your practice.  Learn from Kirk Behrendt and ACT's other industry leading coaches on leadership, systems, communication, and strategies to maximize practice profitability.  

  • Think Tank

    Your workshop will be filled with other talented dentists.  Work collectively to provide solutions to your specific hurdles or concerns.  

  • ACT U 52

    Full access to this online video series that provides a step by step guide to running your team meetings.  Never again struggle to find content for your team meetings.  

  • Program Advisor

    Your advisor will keep in contact with you, keep you accountable to your goals, and support you along the way. 

  • Online LIVE Training

    The Inner Circle will meet online to discuss their progress, challenges, and provide customized solutions.  

  • Discounts on other ACT Events. 

    As part of the ACT Family, you will receive discounts on all our other educational and training events.  

  • Practice Snapshot 

    Powered by Dental Intel, your snapshot will take data directly from your practice management software prepare a "snapshot" of your practice health, using ACT Dental's Key Performance Indicators.   

  • ACT Academy

    Full access to ACT Dental's library of best practices, blogs, videos, and webinars. Solutions to many of your daily challenges at your fingertips.  

Workshop Details


2018 Dates: October 5

2019 Dates: January 18, April 12, July 19

  • Hotel: The Conrad Hotel

  • Dinner Thursday Night at 7pm

    Fly into Chicago Thursday afternoon and meet the group for cocktail reception and dinner.  Dinner included with membership.

  • Workshop Friday 7am - 3pm. 

    Breakfast and lunch included.  Be on a plane back home by Friday evening.  

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